Aaron & Alana are striving to build a better way of life.


I have never had a loan from a bank or any financial institution, not by decision but by circumstance and it’s taken me half my life to realise how lucky I am not to have got caught up in that debt cycle. I don’t have the fanciest things but what I do have I own and this gives me the freedom to do what I want without risking it all being taken away. debt free, foot slave 

Is living in a bus a good idea? 

If you have access to a good, permanent parking spot, then living in a bus full time can be a great way to own your home. It’s tricky to get your foot on the property ladder with house prices rising, so living in a bus is a fantastic alternative

Is converting a bus worth it?

If your plans are to put a lot of time, love, money, and effort into this bus to convert it into a bus suited for full-time living then it is most likely worth spending a little extra money on the chassis to have one that’s going to last a lot longer.

Do school buses make good campers?

School buses are built to carry children, which means they have an extra level of safety and hardy construction over traditional RVs. Plus, a school bus conversion is upcycling at its best – taking something that’s no longer used for its original purpose and giving it a new one.

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What it's like to live on the road in a van or bus

We Have A Shower

We carry a 300-litre freshwater tank and we also have tanks to take the dirty water away.

Hot Water

The hot water is run on gas, as is the stove. Also hooked up 600 watts of solar panels to power the lights and recharge computers and phones.

Van life on the rise

"We're in a society where we've become cognisant of the stress we're under. And, increasingly, people are attracted to this lifestyle because it allows you to escape the routines and norms of daily life," she told Nightlife.

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